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Our metrics are second to none. They speak for themselves.  


of engaged search projects completed in 3-8 weeks

higher contingency rate than industry average

of engaged search projects completed in 12 weeks

Yes, we get results on 100% of the projects we take on.

Strategic approach options.

Fast Track

When the speed of hiring is the driver of a successful outcome, our rapid recruitment approach works to get results ASAP.

  • We work quickly to identify and approach highly qualified and aligned candidates within the first few days of the search launch while providing the peace-of-mind knowing a deep-dive search is working in the background, generating a back-up pipeline of candidates.
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Executive Search

When certainty is required a robust executive search approach is best. 

  • Each Salmela search is unique and requires a custom approach
  • We lock arms with our clients to get to a solution
  • We are open and transparent throughout the process; you see the entire process and candidate pool from day one
  • Robust methodology: we go deep identifying all the candidates who can do the job, make multiple multi-channel attempts to engage that targeted candidate pool, and assess those interested candidates to ensure strong alignment

Contingency/Retained Hybrid

When the hiring challenges are broad and also highly challenging 

  • Retained engagement on a handful of critical hires
  • Frees up internal talent team to focus on easier-to-hire search projects, saving them time & increasing efficiency
  • Contingency approach used to enhance internal teams efforts & less time-sensitive projects

Industries we serve.

Healthcare Advertising & PR

Innovation in biopharmaceuticals is fueling significant growth in the agency space. The new product launch environment has never been more active. This puts significant pressure on the talent pool. We have been recruiting for fast growth agencies for over 15 years. We have fueled many of the fast-growth start-ups who are now top agencies.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

PE/VC firms quickly need to staff leadership and functional leads to get the business outcomes desired.  Our robust and responsive approach sets portfolio companies on the right path in 3 to 8 weeks.

Life Sciences, Digital Health & Healthcare Marketing

With the rapid evolution of marketing and communications, healthcare organizations of all sizes and stripes are looking to upgrade their marketing teams with talent that understands these major shifts.

Commercial Strategy and Sales

Without an effective commercial and sales strategy organizations will not achieve their milestones. We connect your company to the top commercial leaders and sales people who can drive commercial success.

We also serve clients in the following industries:
  • Digital Health
  • Biotech
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Device
  • Technology Marketing & Communications
  • Consumer Advertising

Strategic Talent Advisory.

Knowing your team’s competencies, career aspirations and gaps are critical to knowing your future.
  • We do a 360 interview process and behavioral & competency assessments with your team and help you understand the misalignments between your team and your business goals.
  • We work with your leadership to create a strategic talent development, alignment, and acquisition plan.
  • Implement the program long-term with bi-annual check in’s or as a one-time strategic program.
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A little about us.

Former Olympic coach, wellness director, news anchor, actor, and marketer- you won't find another firm with our team composition. We're here to boost your success, increase your career-wellness, and should you choose - become your friend and confidant.

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