Megan Weizel Podcast: Career Strategy MasterClass

September 12, 2022

Woman at a desk with her back to camera, peeking over her shoulder.

Megan Weizel, Salmela's first hire and current Managing Director, is someone you need to know. She has a knack for asking all the right, but not expected questions, so you can reveal who you are and what you want over the course of the conversation. This is her superpower. And it's a very useful one in our line of work. Megan’s ability to understand the heart and soul of another human is a gift. One her clients benefit from every day.

This week I want to share with you Megan’s guest appearance on Brad Yale’s podcast Agency on Spotify. Brad is a long-time collaborator who brings a sincere curiosity to each of his conversations with industry professionals. He has always been fascinated by the movement of talent across agencies and comes to his conversations armed with some great questions.

In this episode, Megan will get you thinking about how to best approach a career, why balance matters, and what we might expect in the future.  It’s a wonderful conversation.

Enjoy this episode of Agency here.

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