New Year’s Talent Resolution — 3 Tasks to get your TA Strategy Dialed in 2023

January 12, 2023

Salmela team smiling. Image is decorated with fireworks & "happy new year."

It’s New Year’s resolution time. This year, skip the gym membership and, instead, lock-in a talent acquisition strategic plan for the future of your company. Getting the right team assembled will pay dividends you and your team will benefit from all year — and for years to come. Let’s see a treadmill do that. Here, then, are three areas of focus to get you on the right track:

  1. Keep Your Existing Team 

Retention is the best recruiting strategy. If everyone stays you won’t need to replace them AND you get to tell a compelling story to any new recruits about your incredible retention success. A good way to determine what your retention strategy should be is to survey your current and past employees why they stay, why they left, what could make them consider leaving, and what would need to change before they’d consider coming back to the company. The results of this survey will inform what retention plan you implement. Do the survey annually and make the necessary changes. 

  1. Resource Talent Acquisition Correctly

Resourcing talent acquisition is a tricky endeavor depending on the stage and size of the company. When do you build an internal team? What recruiting tech platforms are effective? When do you use outside recruiters? What is your employer brand and how do you get it out there?  Knowing the questions to ask and the answers to those questions are the key first steps to getting your TA resource mix correct.

  1. Tell the Right Story  

People are drawn to a narrative. They will consider a move to a company for less money and lower title if that company has a bright future, a culture that thrives, and a story they want to feel a part of. Taking some time to craft your recruiting story will pay significant dividends in the quality of candidates you are able to engage and hire. 

Although none of these tasks are an easy lift, we find that addressing them together can make a positive difference in recruiting outcomes. Coupled with leadership commitment to TA, this is a good place to start 2023.


Photo taken by Jeremy Weizel.

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