Signs of Spring!

May 14, 2021

Two women bike through the woods happily.

Coming out of winter and a long year of Google Meets, the most welcome sign of spring for Team Salmela was a long-overdue team excursion.

With a fully vaccinated team and a gorgeous day, the Salmela team took to some of Duluth's phenomenal mountain bike trails. With winning attitudes and Kara Salmela's patient tutelage, the whole team learned some new skills and cheered one another on.

Cory and Madison practice cornering
Megan & Meghan deftly maneuver on a berm
Kate and Kara cruising!
Mickey snaps a team selfie after the parking lot warmup
For Cory, sending rollers is more fun than sending emails
One must ride aggressively!
The team enjoys Meghan's humor while on the trail
Meghan takes a cue from Cory's intense facial expressions

After shredding every berm and leaving no roller unsent, the team gathered for delicious cocktails and charcuterie back at the original Salmela HQ. Here's to 2021's fresh start!

The team enjoying their post-biking snack

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