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When talent acquisition needs to get done.

Hire with certainty

A commitment to each other allows us to go deep for you. You will know everything that could be done has been done to reach a result.

Robust methodology

We lock arms with you to understand your business and who it will take to move it forward. We identify every appropriate candidate around these parameters, make multiple attempts to engage that talent pool, grab their interest, and assess competencies to ensure alignment.

Sustained effort

You will get real time feedback from the talent market gaining invaluable intelligence around your employer brand.  We work together to adjust and mold a result on every search mandate.

Klick Health is always seeking world-class talent that fit into our unique culture. Salmela has a way of finding and aligning talent with our vision and needs. After a decade of collaboration, I can speak to their deep network and resourceful way of finding candidates that have thrived and grown with our ambitions.

Leerom Segal, CEO, Klick Health

Faster Hiring

Start your hiring process with a short-list of qualified candidates. Let us find and screen candidates for you. One out of three of our interviewed candidates are hired.  

Competitive Intelligence

Every day, we’re having discussions with your competitors employees. Our acccess to industry insiders allows us to build you a precise talent acquisition strategy.

Increased Access

Reach the unreachable. Our network includes thousands of personal relationships. We spend years building relationships to be able to deliver you an introduction in days.

Our Network

D2C Wellness
Customer Success
Programmatic Media
Product Management
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Public Relations

Health Systems
Physician Relations

Market Intelligence
Data Analytics
Business Development
Account Management

Brand Strategy
Account Management
Medical Direction
Public Relations

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