Career high.

Exactly what you hoped for in a career partner, only more so. We partner with individuals in healthcare advertising, consumer advertising, and management consulting to find and plan their next career move confidentially. We work to re-ignite passions and match company culture and lifestyle to each individual.

Our difference is in our DNA. Former Olympic coach, wellness director, podcaster, and actor - you won't find another firm with our team composition. We're here to boost your success, increase your career-wellness, and should you choose - become your friend and confidant. We've all lived through our first career, and have moved on to our second(helping people like you). Each one of us has experienced career highs, lows, and weirds - so we work hard to help people find more highs.

We cut our teeth in the healthcare advertising industry helping agencies build out their teams in the mid-2000s. Since then, we've developed a network of firms in healthcare advertising, consumer advertising, and management consulting. Every year, we help hundreds of individuals size up the market, study the opportunities, and make a wise career decision.

Our Team.

Cory Salmela
Cory started his career as a National Team Coach for the U.S. Ski Biathlon Team, before moving to a short career in pharmaceutical sales and moved on to develop Salmela. Read More
Megan Weizel
A background in international corporate project management has given Megan the experience necessary to understand the needs of both teams and individuals, helping them reach their highest potential.Read More
Mickey Pearson
A former educator whose unconventional career route led him to recruiting, where all his previously ancillary skills joined forces to take center stage.Read More
Kate Horvath
Kate joins Salmela after a decade of non-profit arts leadership, where she shared her passion for building community, education, inclusiveness, and arts access.Read More
Kara Salmela
Kara is an Olympic athlete, competing on the US Biathlon Team during the 1998 and 2002 Olympics.Read More
Peter Juten
Peter consulted for local and national organizations before joining Salmela in 2018. Read More

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