Career high.

We're not simply recruiters, we're personal career strategists. We partner with professionals to find and plan their next work moves confidently.

We make introductions

It all starts with a casual conversation with a Salmela Partner. Meeting a Salmela Partner is like being at the world's least awkward, most productive networking event. Never a sweaty handshake, never a "so what do you do?" - just personal introductions to people who can make a difference in your career. Ready to get started?

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Meet our team

Former Olympic coach, wellness director, podcaster, and actor - you won't find another firm with our team composition. We're here to boost your success, increase your career-wellness, and should you choose - become your friend and confidant.

Meet Us

We all love our job, but not as much as our kids or our hobbies. Our best collaborations are with people and organizations who think the same way.  We love people who make a splash at a client meeting in the afternoon before disconnecting to make their child's soccer game in the evening. Each one of our partners has lived through their first career, and have moved on to our second(helping people like you). Each one of us has experienced career highs, lows, and weirds - so we work hard to help people find more highs.

When advising on a career transition, we want to understand more than your work. We want to get to know you and where you’re headed. Our proudest partnerships are those that span years and major life moments. You take care of your life and we’ll watch out for your career.