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Meet Salmela.

When hiring with certainty is required.

We want to tell your story.

Salmela takes a highly tailored, robust methodology to finding the perfect fit for your organization.

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We want to tell your story.

Salmela takes a highly tailored and robust methodology to find the perfect fit for your organization.

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Recruiting reimagined.

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Collaborative transparency

Robust methodology

Tailored storytelling

Our experienced recruiters lock-arms with your hiring team. We share our work in real time, every step of the way, fostering an open and collaborative process.

We identify every candidate that meets your unique parameters, engage the total talent pool, grab interest, and assess their qualifications and competencies to ensure alignment.

We work to understand your business and who it will take to move it forward. We tell your story to ensure the most compelling candidates are engaged with the search.

What we do.

  • Good people know good people
  • People drive results
  • People who drive results is our business
  • Time to hire is critical to our client’s success
  • Focused partnership is the key to a timely hire
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 The right talent. righton time.

When expert recruiters lead the search, exceptional candidates find exceptional companies.
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Our metrics are second to none. They speak for themselves.  


of engaged search projects completed in 3-8 weeks

higher contingency rate than industry average

of engaged search projects completed in 12 weeks

Yes, we get results on 100% of the projects we take on.

Industries we serve.

We also serve clients in the following industries:
  • Digital Health
  • Biotech
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Device
  • Tech. Marketing & Communications
  • Consumer Advertising

Candidates we serve.

We frequently place our candidates in the following industry titles:

C-Suite Leadership
Brand Strategy
Digital & Innovation Strategy
Production & Project Management
Product Development & Management 

Our clients

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